HR Operational Solutions


Group-HR is the Human Resources division of The Barbelo Group.  We spearhead the "Operational Solutions" for our clients.  We deal with all the daily general HR operational tasks.  Our team handles the day-to-day HR activities and interfaces with employees to ensure compliance and smooth operation of the people side of the business.  Below are the the general HR tasks through the different stages of employment.  Unlike "Strategic Solutions," where we look at the bigger picture and formulate long-term plans for improvement, operational solutions deals with the present condition and handles current threats and issues to the organization.  We assess the organization and provide data to decision makers to help them make better decisions and long-term plans.  Operational Solutions executes the long term plans set by the organization's leaders and remains to be the important front-line employee interface for the organization.


In addition, we help individuals reach their full potential and career goals through our Career/Executive Coaching, Outplacement and Resume services.  We believe organizational excellence comes when we develop the individual's career satisfaction, growth, and success.  We provide people the tools they need to succeed in every stage of their career.  Our Consultants have different backgrounds and expertise to provide the right support at the right time.



HR Audit / Assessment


Time to find out your company’s HR compliance and effectiveness


An HR audit involves an objective look at the company’s HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies to protect the company, establish best practices and identify opportunities for improvement.  An objective review of the company’s “current state” can help you evaluate whether specific practice areas are adequate, legal and/or effective.  The results can provide decision-makers with the information necessary to decide what areas need improvement.


HR Audit identifies the state of your organization’s compliance programs while clearly identifying areas of opportunity that will make the greatest impact to the success of your organization. Business leaders will gain a clear picture of:


  • Gaps in regulatory compliance
  • Areas where risk can be further mitigated
  • Opportunities for improving employee retention and productivity
  • Ideas to better position your organization as an “employer of choice”

HR Audit Information

  • Outsourced HR

    • Retained HR Services
    • Dedicated HR Team
    • HR Shared Services
    • Administration
    • Management
    • Support
    • File Management

    HR Operations Administration & Maintenance

    On Demand

    • Emergency Help

    • Off The Shelf


    Dedicated HR Team

    • Retainer / Pre-pay

    • Outsource HR Department

    • HR Startup


    Specialized Administration & Maintenance

    • Enhanced Internal HR

    • Staffing Services

    • Employee Record Maintenance

    Some HR functions and departments are seen as integral to an organization’s business success and are therefore properly resourced and financed.  Although it is more likely, in today’s economic climate, that they are over-stretched, under-resourced and consequently ineffective.


    In an ideal world, HR professionals and departments would have more time to help deliver growth by concentrating on strategy and planning.  Instead, most HR professionals and departments find themselves having to focus on HR administration and have little time to devote to higher value activities.


    We can free up your in-house resources, remove the burden of HR administration and help to improve the strategic focus of your HR Department. This can be achieved through Barbelo Group - HR providing direct interim HR management, i.e., one of our consultants working on-site or remotely.


    In addition, our employee relations support services can provide you with a dedicated knowledge and support base to address your specific employee relations issues and challenges.



    Our Employee Relations support service provides our clients with a dedicated knowledge and support base to address their specific HRM requirements or challenges.  Our clients can avail of:


    • A direct telephone/email information and guidance service during working hours
    • An extensive information and experience base
    • Regular updates on changes to employment legislation and HRM developments


    Our wide ranging experience of many of the typical people-related issues facing organizations today results in us being particularly well placed to provide you with advice and guidance on issues including, reducing absenteeism, recognizing and dealing with poor performance, dealing with persistent lateness, handling discipline and grievance issues, and improving individual performance.


    Administration & File Management


    Best practice in HR administration can be difficult to maintain especially with an under-resourced and over-stretched HR function.  Outsourcing allows management to reduce costs and administration overheads leaving key personnel to focus on core business activities.


    The Barbelo Group - HR team offers a comprehensive outsourced HR administration service to our clients.  We audit your existing HR administration processes and manage the development of an efficient and fully compliant HR administration system for your organization.


    There are several pieces of legislation which apply in relation to employee filing systems and employee information, including :









    Our experienced professionals will ensure your HR administration system is fully compliant with data protection and employment legislation.


  • Workforce Planning & Talent Management

    Workforce Planning & Talent Management


    We believe strategic workforce planning and talent management is closely linked when it comes to successfully preparing an organization for future challenges.  We help organization plan and hire talent through our our staffing group and partnerships to get you the right people right when you need them.  We focus on clarifying organizational priorities and goals as the basis for evaluating the knowledge and capabilities needed in the workplace


    Strategic Workforce Planning connects HR strategy and practices to business strategy to ensure the organization


     "has the right people in the right place at the right time and at the right cost"


    while Talent Management is the strategic management of talent through an organization to drive results and ensure the business has the right person, at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost, with the right tools and incentives to do the job.


    Organization and Employee Development helps facilitate talent management processes with leaders or management teams, at all levels, focusing on talent within or across departments. We work with these teams to articulate organizational needs, evaluate bench strength, and identify development activities.


    What is the process for talent management and workforce planning?


    Organizational Assessment describes the initial steps of a talent management process:


    • Identify organizational and department trends
    • Review strategy, challenges, opportunities
    • Prioritize goals, work, projects
    • Determine factors affecting workforce planning


    Workforce Analysis focuses on using information to gain an overview of the workforce and targeting a talent management initiative:


    • Identify critical job roles for discussion and planning
    • Review knowledge/skills/attributes needed
    • Determine employee population for review
    • Gather demographic information


    Talent Review provides an overview of how to facilitate a discussion of key talent:


    • Identify readiness and potential for future assignments or positions
    • Review possible succession plans
    • Determine strengths and development needs of employees


    Development Planning focuses on implementing development activity in the organization after the talent review:


    • Review development assignments for on-the-job learning
    • Identify relevant training and education programs
    • Explore formal and informal mentoring initiatives
    • Plan and conduct development discussions
    • Hold follow-up sessions to review outcomes of development discussions, assignments, and learning plans



    • Workforce Planning

      Designing and re-engineering workforce planning models based on business strategies and competency management systems are critical to the deployment and readiness of the workforce needed to carry out your mission and goals. Our methodology seeks to explicitly define the workload demand signal, work funding variances, and workforce supply capabilities. We translate this into meaningful data that can be used to forecast current and future workload demands against existing workforce supply. We also help you establish career roadmaps and planning guides that foster organizational and individual developmental planning, as well as learning processes to identify and align workforce competencies to your future needs.


      Our team provides the tools, expertise, and support to improve the capabilities of your workforce by applying the following strategies:


      • Workforce analysis/forecasting
      • Organizational design and position management
      • Succession planning
      • Competency alignment
      • Diversity & Inclusion


    • Talent Management

      The Barbelo Group offers workforces with Federal contracts unique perspectives and skills in the design and application of talent management techniques and strategies. Today’s issues include changing demographics, including a longer life expectancy of personnel, increased higher education, greater diversity, increased demand for flexibility in the workplace, and work patterns. When combined with federal systems, structures, and policies that have been virtually unchanged for many decades, we face challenges in recruiting, developing, and retaining a high-quality workforce.


      The Barbelo group uses a Talent Management Strategy – People Capability Maturity Model:


      • Acquire Talent

      • Develop Capabilities

      • Engage Employees

      • Retain People – particularly high performers


      In order to successfully accomplish these stages, we use key HCM strategies and tools, including:

      • Competency assessments/management

      • Leadership development assessments and programs

      • Learning plans/knowledge management tools and strategies

      • Organizational development and instructional system design tools

    • Talent Acquisition

      Thousands of hiring and promotion decisions are made every day by organizations just like yours, but it’s not often easy to select the right person for the job and for your business.  You must strike a balance to identify candidates who will not only “fit,” but also grow, lead, and drive performance—now and in the future.  With the right tools and strategy, you can have the confidence to make the best talent acquisition decisions for your organization.


      At the Barbelo Group, we’ve built accuracy and efficiency into every selection step.  Our innovative, forward-looking tools and consulting expertise eliminate the guesswork, get results, and control costs.  You’ll reduce turnover, abbreviate ramp-up time, and build a bullet-proof, bottom-line business case for your talent acquisition process.


      The Barbelo Group helps you optimize every step in your talent acquisition process:


      • Define your ideal candidate.  Our approach to competency management starts with your key business priorities, paints a holistic picture of what is needed for success in the job, and aligns with your organization’s strategic direction.
      • Predict performance.  Our tests and assessments help streamline your selection funnel.  Whether you are using them for pre-employment hiring or internal promotions, we have the tests and assessments to help you make high quality, data-driven decisions to accurately identify candidates with future growth potential.
      • Perfect the interview.  Our often-imitated, never-equaled behavioral interviewing system arms your managers with the tools, training, and skills to elicit and interpret critical candidate information, and make the most intelligent decisions.
      • Ramp up new hires quickly.  Our on-boarding solution gives leaders the skills to help new hires achieve a strong start by accelerating their time to productivity and transitioning them smoothly into their new role and your corporate culture.
      • Measure impact.  With our strategic talent acquisition analytics, you’ll have the intelligent data to evaluate and validate the effectiveness of your hiring and promotion decisions.



    • Succession Planning & Management

      Are you confident in your ability to identify, accelerate, and develop top talent?


      Succession management represents the greatest investment you can make in your organization’s future.   The Barbelo Group enables you to identify leadership potential earlier, accelerate individual growth, and prepare leaders to be ready for key leadership vacancies or new business opportunities.


      Our approach ensures your organization has the right leaders ready for critical roles—today and tomorrow.  We bring expertise, a roadmap, structure, and proven tools and methodologies that drive focus and meaning, and bring needed clarity to your talent discussion and decisions.


      Our team helps you get the right leaders ready faster by building a succession management strategy to:


      • Define how leaders will succeed in your business.  Our unique approach first identifies your business priorities and translates them into the skills, knowledge, attributes, and experiences leaders need to be successful.
      • Identify leadership potential.  We help you make the best leadership investments by clearly identifying leaders with the greatest potential.
      • Diagnose strengths and development gaps. Our holistic executive assessments produce deep insights about your senior leaders.  Individual and group data give you intelligence to help you accelerate their development so they are ready faster.
      • Accelerate development.  Learning solutions and executive coaching that energizes and prepares your middle managers and senior leaders for your organization’s unique landscape and challenges.
      • Manage your C-level transitions.  We help facilitate continuity in your highest risk roles by ensuring smooth CEO and C-Suite promotions and transitions.
      • Drive impact with evaluation and analytics. We go beyond metrics to deliver business and leadership ROI.  Make confident talent decisions for your future with deeper insights and data-driven intelligence.



    Our Approach to Talent Management


    Every recent study asking CEOs to name their most critical challenges includes talent management.  Top CEOs look at talent management as a business system that is just as vital to organizational success as IT, finance, or distribution.  In fact, many believe that it is the single thing that will differentiate and create competitive advantage.


    Our approach to talent management will give your organization the flexibility and agility to make better talent decisions quickly.  We can develop a blueprint that will help you understand the capacity and capability of talent at all levels to meet current and future business needs. Our approach covers all aspects of an employee’s life cycle—hiring, onboarding, development, career progression, and retention—so that you can move people where they will have the biggest impact and successfully transition leaders as your business changes.


    We believe that there are several practices that are essential to success.


    1. We tightly connect business strategy to talent strategy, which many consultants do.  We go one step further by building the threads from these strategies into our talent services and tools.  This assures that people who are hired not only have the right success profile but also are a tight fit to the business needs.  Likewise, development reflects the skills leaders will need to drive the business.
    2. Integrating talent management initiatives is key.  When programs such as hiring, development, performance management, and succession don’t support and leverage one another, the talent ecosystem is fragmented and weak.  If you start with a foundational set of competencies or success profiles that align to the business strategy, they will become the hub for integration.
    3. Talent strategy is important, but execution is more important.  Where most programs fall down is in not understanding how to create a solid execution plan that enables consistency and alignment.  And when the project is global, this becomes even more challenging.  We focus on communication, alignment, skills, accountability, and measurement.  Great execution helps everyone understand that this is part of how the organization does business and helps them get onboard.


    Done effectively, talent management gives you the right talent in place in the right jobs at the right time.


    Different ways we help you with your recruitment

    • Fixed Fee Recruitment

      We know how important it is to recruit the right people in the right places – and how much time that process can take


      Our Fixed Fee Recruitment service will manage your hiring process from start to finish and ensure that you only have to deal with the most serious applicants.


      The Fixed Fee Recruitment service covers:


      • Job Description: We will prepare the vacancy listing to match your requirements.
      • Vacancy Posting: Targeted advertising across all major recruitment sites and jobs boards.
      • Resume Filtering: We review every applicant to ensure that you will only see the most suitable candidates.
      • Interview Scheduling: You provide the times and dates, and we contact, brief and schedule the candidates.
      • Offer & Regret Notifications: We will make offers to successful candidates (and negotiate on your behalf if required), and inform unsuccessful candidates if they are not right for the role.
      • Fixed Fee Service: One great low-cost rate regardless of the role that you’re recruiting for or the number of candidates that you chose to hire.


      We won’t take percentages of salary like a traditional recruitment agency, and there are no hidden costs or placement fees. We will solve your recruitment problems for the great fix rate per campaign.



    • On-site Interview Support

      Interviews are still the best way of finding out whether or not a candidate will be the right fit for your organization – as long as you ask the right questions


      On-Site Interview Support places an experienced HR professional alongside your recruitment manager to ensure that you ask the right questions and hire the best candidates.


      Benefits of our Interview Support service include:


      • Support from HR professionals with years of recruitment experience.
      • Assistance during peak workloads.
      • Specialist recruitment campaigns.
      • Impartial, professional consultation.


      Whatever your HR project we can ensure that it is completed on time, to your requirements and with the minimal impact upon your day-to-day operations.



    • Interim HR Support

      If you have a HR project that you do not have the resources to manage, speak to us to arrange an Interim HR Consultancy


      Whether you require a HR professional to cover periods of leave, to assist during peak workload times or to offer consistent on-site HR support during ad-hoc project delivery, we will ensure that you have the cover in place that you require.


      Speak to us for support with the following:


      • Focused project management and delivery
      • Cover during periods of absence such as long-term sick or maternity leave
      • Large-scale recruitment drives
      • Independent disciplinary process management


      In addition to providing an on-site resource we will maintain full contact with our consultant whilst they are working with you, meaning that you not only get the benefit of an on-site HR expert but the full support of a leading outsourced HR consultancy.

    • Executive Search

      Sometimes you cannot rely on job sites to find he caliber of person that you need.  This is where executive search from the Barbelo Group can help


      We work with our clients to understand their business, their structure and the responsibilities that the new executive will assume. By identifying the skills and experiences that you are looking for we will create the profile of a ‘perfect candidate’ for the role, and start our search from there.


      Our Executive Search service will:


      • Utilize our extensive database of contacts to find candidates with the experience you need.
      • Approach both job seekers and passive candidates in a professional manner.
      • Screen all applicants for suitability and put only the best candidates forward.
      • Save your business valuable time and resources.


      There is no upfront fee for this service, and we charge a placement fee only when you make a job offer to a candidate and they accept.  For clients on our Retained HR Services package the placement fee is just 15%, whilst for non-retained clients it is 20%. We also offer a further 5% reduction in fees if we are the sole recruiting agent.



  • Organizational Capability, Learning & Development

    Learning & Development (L&D)


    We can design and deliver training programs that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization – to what your HR practitioners and people managers need.


    Examples of areas in which we have particular training expertise include the conducting of workplace investigations, employment law, the handling of disciplinary and grievance matters and performance management.

    We can also assist your HR practitioners and people managers in the development of your L&D Strategy.  Our approach to L&D identification and analysis begins with the linkage of objectives to corporate and departmental plans.


    Our experienced team of HR Consultants have developed L&D strategies in leadership capability, leadership coaching, employee engagement and driving high performance cultures.

    Workforce Development


    Your workforce is constantly being challenged to take on increasing responsibilities, and these employees are the key to helping your organization achieve its strategic goals. All employees need to continuously build skills that will help them grow, ensure their employability, and contribute to the success of the organization.


    The Barbelo Group’s workforce development system includes competency-based programs designed to equip your workforce—from frontline workers to first- and mid-level leaders—with the day-to-day interpersonal, teamwork, and business-results skills that help create and maintain a high-performance workplace.


    You can choose from a range of learning courses that are grouped by skill areas, such as personal effectiveness, group effectiveness, and getting business results.  Taken together, these courses strengthen overall workforce performance. Taken selectively, they pinpoint areas that need improvement.




    The Barbelo Group’s workforce development programs are:


    • Thoroughly proven to build specific, job-critical competencies and promote positive behavior changes that lead to better job performance.
    • Flexible to fit your environment, language, and delivery requirements.
    • Tried and tested in the world’s leading companies, including more than 400 of the Fortune 500.
    • Completely integrate-able so you can mix and match offerings to create a development program that’s tailored to and effective for your organization and your people.
    • Supported by complementary Barbelo Group products and services that let you assess development needs and manage ongoing performance.
    • Capable of driving common language and behaviors throughout all levels in the organization.


    Frontline Leadership Development


    Leaders are operating in an ever-changing environment and regularly face new challenges. To be successful on both a personal and an organizational level, they need new skills and competencies to meet these challenges.


    The Barbelo Group collaborates with consultants who are world leaders in leadership development. We use a competency-based, integrated approach that helps organizations achieve their business objectives and results. Through leadership assessment and development, organizations can improve bench strength and grow their own leaders by identifying and developing high-potential employees.


    Our training programs equip leaders at all levels with the day-to-day interpersonal skills for leading individuals or groups and the broader, overall skills needed to create and maintain a high-performance workplace.  In addition, our assessment centers and multi-rater feedback surveys help companies identify, hire, and promote the most talented people.




    The Barbelo Group’s leadership development programs are:


    • Thoroughly proven to build and assess specific, job-critical competencies and promote positive behavior changes that lead to better job performance. Our programs have been tried and tested in leading global companies, including more than 400 of the Fortune 500.
    • Flexible to fit your environment, languages, and delivery requirements.
    • Completely integrate-able so you can mix and match offerings to create a development program that is highly tailored and highly effective for your organization and your people.
    • Complementary in that you can assess development needs, provide training that meets these needs, and manage ongoing performance.


    Mid-Level Leadership Development for Operations and Strategy


    It’s a challenge to equip mid-level (operational) leaders and senior (executive) leaders with the skills they need to meet the ever-changing demands of their organizations—today, and tomorrow.


    Mid-level leaders need high-impact solutions designed specifically for them, which enable them to turn senior leaders’ vision for the organization into reality.  Senior leaders need continuous learning experiences linked directly to their business needs. The Barbelo Group provides a complete portfolio of development offerings spanning the entire leadership pipeline.




    The Barbelo Group’s leadership development programs for mid-level and senior leaders offer:


    • Unique designs by level.
    • A broad focus on not just individual needs, but needs relevant to the leader’s role and business as well.
    • Relevant, active learning for immediate application.
    • Outstanding consultants and faculty.
    • Integration of assessment/diagnostics with development to create breakthrough insights.



    Leadership Development


    The Barbelo Group-Excellence leadership development expertise enables you to address a wide range of requirements related to identifying and developing leaders at all levels of your organization.  We create talent management processes for high potential employees to plan for the succession of key leaders.  As a result, your business can build a robust talent pool that will provide internal "bench strength" to support future growth strategies.  Based on this knowledge, we partner with you to design and implement multi-faceted leadership development programs including training, coaching, action learning and business acumen mentoring.


    As an organization, ask yourself:


    • What is our area of focus for talent development within the next twelve months - (target audience and competencies)?
    • How are we integrating coaching into our development solutions to ensure sustainability?
    • What internal capacity have we built to provide coaching to multiple levels in the organization (certified internal coaches, manager's competency)?
    • How have we blended instructor led programs with virtual development solutions to ensure cost effectiveness and scalability?


    Our customized, individual and group blended learning approaches are designed so your critical talent experiences development that is sustainable and that your organization realizes a positive impact on business results. Through structured and innovative approaches, we will partner with you to establish the critical components of a successful leadership development plan.


    Learn about our Coaching Services


  • Total Rewards, Benefits & Compensation

    • Job Function Audit
    • Job description
    • Leveling
    • Market Survey
    • FLSA pay compliance
    • Pay/Salary range
    • Compensation & Benefits Design
    • Employee Rewards
    • Annual Merit increase Plan
    • Benefits Review, Evaluation, Implementations and New Legislation Compliant
    • Employee Motivation

    Employee Rewards


    As your organization seeks to optimize its performance and both gain and maintain competitive edge, incentives and bonuses can be used as key motivators for top team members.


    The Barbelo Group provides you with a comprehensive guide to the selection, introduction and operation of a reward system for your organization.  We help you to design reward systems which will foster employee commitment and drive higher performance through tailor-made motivation solutions and incentive management systems.


    An example is our Business Concierge Services & Beyond programs.


    Organizations are like families.  They’re complex to look at and understand, and no two are the same.  The same can be said for the people who keep an organization running.


    Each employee has a unique personality and skills set, and a different role to play.  This diversity means the manner in which they are rewarded should be different too. The Barbelo Group specializes in the design and management of a complete rewards system that drive employee engagement and retention.  Our benefits and compensation management guidance includes:


    Research and benchmarking of current, comparable jobs with external compensation and benefits data

    Designing compensation and benefits packages for the organization’s employees, management, and leadership team

    Developing cost-containment strategies that enable the organization to stay on solid financial ground

    Creating recognition strategies for every level of the organization from the support staff to the board to management


    The rewards and recognition employees receive play a key role in their productivity and overall job satisfaction.  We assess the marketplace and research current compensation structures to ensure your organization is providing the best options for your team.



  • Ethics & Compliance, Investigation, Diversity

    • Employee Handbook Maintenance
      • Audit and Update
      • Annual Compliance Training
    • Policy & Procedures
    • HR Documentation
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Investigation
    • Discrimination & Harassment
    • Correspondence
    • Affirmative Action Plan
    • OFCCP Compliance & Audit Support
    • EEOC Compliance & Audit Support


    Employee Handbook


    An Employee Handbook contains the policies, procedures, rules and regulations of your organization.


    The Barbelo Group - HR’s professional and knowledgeable HR Consultants work closely with key members of management to customize an employee handbook and accompanying managerial guidelines for all sizes and types of organizations.


    Our Employee Handbook development service includes :


    • Review of existing organizational practice.  This involves meeting with key members of your management team to discuss your organization's level of compliance with current employment legislation.
    • Advice and practical guidance on how to comply with current employment legislation with minimal business disruption.
    • Review of relevant documentation including existing contracts of employment, policies and procedures and any other document relevant to your specific industry.
    • Development of watertight documentation.
    • Provision of a soft copy of the Employee Handbook and managerial guidelines so you can amend them in-house as necessary.


    Policy & Procedures


    Do you have all the necessary HR policies and procedures in place to protect your organization from legal claims brought by employees and potential employees?


    The Barbelo Group - HR delivers a highly experienced and knowledgeable support service to ensure your organization is legally compliant with all aspects of employment law and has all the required HR Policies and Procedures in place.  Customized to your organization’s specific requirements, you will receive a comprehensive package of HR Policies and Procedures.



    HR Documentation


    The large volumes of complex employment legislation, may result in your  organization needing our HR Documentation development service to speedily develop all HR related documentation you require to be fully compliant with employment legislation.


    Saving you the cost of developing and updating your own HR policies and procedures and letting you get on with the business of doing business, our HR Documentation development service covers every aspect of U.S. or International employment, from appraisals and performance management to grievance policies and absenteeism.



    Workplace Investigations


    Bullying, harassment and intimidation in the workplace are some of the most difficult people issues which organizations may have to deal with.  Organizations can also have to contend with grievances from employees and disciplinary issues.


    Failure to address and resolve an allegation of bullying or harassment, or a grievance brought by an employee, or a disciplinary issue, can lead to a difficult, obstructive and stressful work environment and ultimately may lead to labor relations problems and litigation.


    We often find that managers are too busy, not adequately trained or are too closely involved to handle this kind of situation effectively without some expert assistance.  With the increasing levels of litigation worldwide today, employers cannot afford to make costly mistakes in this area.


    Our team of highly experienced investigators can help you avoid this.  We can conduct independent and objective investigations and produce robust investigative reports – reports that will withstand external scrutiny.  We ensure minimal business disruption and full legal compliance.


    All of our Consultants have an in-depth understanding of the legal framework, extensive HR experience and the skill to manage difficult and sensitive situations.


    Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)


    A company is only as good as its employees - fully engaged and productive - to meet the demands of business today.  An inclusive workplace culture and workforce strategy increases your competitive edge. Here’s how:


    • Diversity of thought spurs innovation
    • Collaboration and participation among employees creates a more productive and loyal workforce
    • Top team inclusion is linked to greater financial performance
    • Collective intelligence leverages the individual to generate comprehensive solutions


    If you want to benefit from inclusion and diversity, you need to ask the right questions. What innovation needs to occur for you to reach your growth markets? Where is the organizational knowledge you need to tap into these markets? How are you going to market and sell your products or services to emerging markets? Most of all, how can you mobilize your diverse workforce to help you grow the business?


    Most companies try different tactics to build a culture of inclusion.  These hit or miss approaches - 'Flavor of the Month' programs - are not enough.  Only a comprehensive and coordinated strategy will make inclusion part of your company's DNA.


    We developed a D&I Framework to support the broad needs of organizations across many industries to offer a comprehensive path to make inclusion a core business strategy.  It is organized into four distinct areas highlighted below.  Taken together, our D&I Framework is part of an integrated and consistent strategy for developing a culture of inclusion throughout the entire enterprise and to align all leaders on key metrics, activities, behaviors and external stakeholder relations.

    • 1.   Monitor and Measure Inclusion Results

      Organizations will monitor and respond to inclusion metrics as part of tracking the overall success of the business.


      Identify Key Employee Demographics Required for Growth (KEDRG):


      • Compare current customer/consumer base with potential of emerging markets
      • Contrast existing employee population at all levels with Key Employee Demographics Required for Growth
      • Inclusion is a component of your people metrics




      • Web-Based Pulse Surveys
      • Focus Groups and Interviews
      • Analysis of current policies and procedures
    • 2.   Build a Culture of Inclusion Values, Principles and Protocols

      Organizations will build a culture of inclusion through clearly stated values, principles and adhering to well defined protocols.


      • Learning strategies to increase inclusive behaviors are in place at all levels of the organization Define and educate on the importance of Inclusion as a Business Strategy
      • Identify and develop behaviors, competencies and skills for Inclusion




      • Learning Over Time
      • Targeted Learning Solutions
    • 3.   Reward and Reinforce Inclusive Leadership at All Levels

      Organizations will reward and reinforce inclusive leadership at all levels of the enterprise.


      • Inclusive leadership behaviors are rewarded as part of the performance review process
      • Managers are encouraged to participation in activities that increase their cultural agility
      • Leaders are accountable for Inclusion Metrics and bonuses are tied to positive results
    • 4.   Create Effective External Strategy for Growth Markets & Stakeholder Relations

      Organizations will create an effective strategy for monitoring growth markets where new revenue opportunities can be found and build effective external stakeholder relations.


      • External relationships provide access to growth markets, enrich talent pipelines, and strengthen the brand.
      • Unique cultural needs of each country/region are integrated into market plans
      • Require inclusion and diversity practices among suppliers and core business partnerships


    We customize this approach to meet the needs of your organization and to achieve four key outcomes:


    1. Monitor & Measure D&I Results - Your organization will have the right talent in place to drive organizational growth with existing and emerging customer or consumer base
    2. Build a Culture of Inclusion Values, Principles and Protocols - Your organizational culture will support inclusion at all levels of the organization and incorporate activities that support an inclusive workplace culture
    3. Reward and Reinforce Inclusive Leadership at All Levels - Your organization will translate inclusive behaviors into targeted performance objectives for managers and supervisors.  Bonuses and promotions are tied to a positive track record on selected metrics
    4. Create Effective External Growth Markets & Shareholder Relations - Our organization has key external relationships to drive our strategy for emerging growth markets and achieve business results

    So how do you make it happen?

    The solution is a strategic framework that allows you to:


    • analyze, evaluate and prioritize your current efforts;
    • identify the gaps in your current Inclusion metrics;
    • integrate inclusion strategies across the business - not just HR;
    • keep leadership accountable for driving inclusion within their teams; and
    • partner with external stakeholders in mutually beneficial inclusion initiatives.


    Where do you start?

    The Barbelo Group can help guide your strategy by partnering with your leaders at several points in your journey.  First, we have comprehensive Assessment Methodologies that tap a variety of customized collection tools to fully evaluate the alignment of an organization's current Inclusion and Diversity practices with its overarching business objectives.  Our D&I Framework is ideal for organizations that already know their needs and want to track the real ROI for their efforts and continue to build on their strategy.  Once you have a clear path of action, we can also increase your Global Agility as you begin to compete more in the global marketplace.


    Assessment Methodologies


    The Barbelo Group methodologies allow us to look at all aspects of clients' business processes and procedures and then report our findings back to them in a way that aligns with internal client Six Sigma processes and multi-generational project plans.


    • Inclusion Audit: evaluation of current diversity/inclusion business practices


    • Business Linkage Research: analysis of the link between employee engagement, customer satisfaction and your company’s business results


    • Web-Based Surveys/Pulse Surveys: a customized anonymous assessment to gather employee feedback your inclusion initiatives


    • Focus Group and Interviews: a highly effective way to gather anecdotal information to determine the current state of the D&I in the client’s workplace
  • HR Technology, HRIS & Systems

    • Technology Integration
    • HRIS
    • System selection, implementation & Upgrades
    • Payroll
    • Metrics & Analytics
    • Learning Systems
  • Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE)

    • Safety Programs & Design
    • HSSE Audit/Assessment
    • HSSE Training
    • Workers Compensation
    • OSHA Employee Record Maintenance & Reporting


    The Barbelo Group aim to be your partner of choice for Health, Safety, Security & Environment by providing best in class advice and solutions.


    We provide Organizations with a robust systems, sensible advice and cost effective solutions in order to meet all their HSSE requirements and expectations and support them to be in line with relevant regulations, and HSSE best international practices and standards.


    The Barbelo Group HSSE team can provide a range of onsite professional safety personnel for facilities or construction sites for a short period of time, or for the duration of a project. Our safety personnel will act on your behalf to free your staff to do other important jobs. Let us monitor your workers’ job safety performance, ensure compliance with company policies and government regulations, identify unsafe conditions and provide on-site training.


    Our consultants provide a complete report of all the clients’ activities, including safety violations, recommendations and corrections made. We reserve the right to stop work any time an immediately dangerous-to-life-or-health (IDLH) situation exists.




    Security measures are based on a threat assessment process and implemented to protect personnel, company assets and minimize loss while developing a safe and secure work environment.


    Plant Shutdown and Turnaround


    Plant shutdowns and turnarounds present inherent safety risks to employees and consultants. The strategic planning, organization and execution of a shutdown or turnaround project must include onsite standby rescue and medical services.  Our experienced consultants are well versed in providing safety support for shutdowns and turnarounds for a variety of industries. We will work with our clients to ensure that all plant personnel, project consultants and company assets are protected throughout the scope of the operation.


    Outsourced OH&S Safety Services


    Building an effective safety management system from scratch takes considerable resources, and for many companies it is not economic to hire a dedicated safety manager.  The Barbelo Group’s occupational health and safety programs (OH&S) free the client to focus on other operational issues.  At the Barbelo Group, we strive to change the perception that OH&S is only a cost of doing business.  We believe safety should be a proactive initiative that helps drive bottom-line returns.  We also appreciate that safety is not just the responsibility of the safety department or manager, but of the company as a whole.  Our safety professionals offer clients increased attention, knowledge, experience and expertise.  Reduce your company’s business risk by trusting your safety program to the domain experts.

    Project Safety Advisors


    We have teams of project safety advisers offering a range of short-term contract services for construction projects and peak-period support. We will work with your company to identify hazards and implement procedural requirements to ensure a safe project or work site. Such services include, but are not limited to:


    • On-site medical
    • Site-specific safety rules
    • Job-specific protective equipment training
    • Technical safety policies and procedures
    • Emergency response plan implementation
    • Contaminant testing
    • On-site safety training
    • Routine inspection of sites and equipment
    • Legal Compliance Auditing


    We offer the following services:


    • Health, Safety and Environment Management
    • Company Health and Safety
    • Health and Safety planning
    • Risk Assessments
    • Health and Safety Audits
    • Site Specific Management Plans
    • Safety Files




    • Health and Safety Representative
    • First Aid level 1, 2 & 3
    • Basic Fire Fighting
    • Competency certificates for operators
  • Labor & Employee Relations

    • Union Prevention
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Union Contract Implementation
    • Grievance and arbitration
    • Strike Assistance
    • Employee Discipline
    • Employee Issues & Complains
    • Employee Survey
    • Conflict Management

    Employee Discipline and Grievances


    Every organization experiences occasional breakdowns in communication and relationships.  We often find that managers are too busy, not adequately trained or are too involved to handle this kind of situation effectively without some expert assistance.  With an increase in the level of litigation globally today employers cannot afford to make costly mistakes in this area.


    Barbelo Group - HR team of experienced professionals manage both disciplinary and grievance matters on behalf of our clients, to ensure minimal business disruption, and full legal compliance.


    All of our Consultants have an in-depth understanding of the legal framework, extensive HR experience and the skill to manage difficult and sensitive situations.


    Our services in this area include independent disciplinary and grievance investigations; independent chairing of disciplinary and grievance hearings and appeals; thorough advice on process and procedure; and training for line managers in managing disciplinary and grievance situations.


    Conflict Management - Mediation


    Successful mediation can effectively cut the underlying costs related with unresolved conflict within your organization, as well as averting the need for costly formal adversarial procedures.  Mediation is an informal procedure, where an impartial mediator assists disputants to resolve their differences and reach solutions in which the mediator has no stake.


    Benefits of Mediation include :


    • provides a less costly approach, not only in financial terms, but in terms of team resource
    • provides an early opportunity to deal with conflict
    • process is shorter than more formal grievance processes, ensuring a productive work environment is restored
    • can improve communication and the rebuilding of working relationships
    • can avoid valuable employees leaving and having to be replaced


    Our experienced team of mediators, with long standing expertise in dispute resolution and conflict management, will facilitate the restoration of respectful and productive working relationships.



    Employee Engagement


    The Barbelo Group-HR has helped organizations address employee engagement needs with scalable solutions and a targeted approach.  We focus on key positions, functions and individuals whose engagement and retention are critical to the delivery of organizational results.  Our employee engagement solutions can help your business achieve a competitive advantage and enhance the employment experience by tackling the employee engagement and workforce performance issues experienced in many organizations.


    As an organization, ask yourself:


    • Have we conducted an employee engagement/satisfaction survey, what were our findings in the area of career development?
    • What does our employee engagement strategy look like and how would we describe our overall philosophy around careers?
    • What kind of career support is currently available to employees and how do they gain access to it?
    • What resources do we have to help managers host effective career development conversations?


    As your partner, Group-HR will address the career components of employee engagement initiatives including turnover, retention initiatives, employee engagement survey results and performance management processes.  At Group-HR our employee engagement solutions incorporate the tools, resources and technology to develop employees at all levels of your organization and help you to retain your biggest asset - your talent.


    Employee Survey


    Employee satisfaction, engagement and commitment can be shown to have a positive impact on your bottom line.   Organizations are consequently increasingly using staff surveys to measure employee engagement in an effort to improve business performance.


    An essential component of organizational training and development, Employee Attitude Surveys provide a picture of your organizations needs.  These surveys can be used to solicit employee opinions on a variety of issues.


    The Babelo Group - HR team partners with our clients to develop, conduct and collate Employee Attitude Surveys, which demonstrate that you, the employer, are listening to your staff.  Taking action on the findings further demonstrates that your employees’ views are valued and can pay dividends in terms of improved morale and commitment.


    More Employee Survey Information



  • Post-Employment Management


    Workforce Transition & Outplacement Management Service


    Whether you're transitioning a few people or thousands, the Barbelo Group-HR team has the tools, technology and expertise to help you plan an effective restructuring strategy and manage the outplacement and career transition process from start to finish.  Most importantly, we'll help ensure that your affected employees land new roles quickly and confidently, and that the employees you retain remain productive, committed and focused.


    As an organization, ask yourself:


    • How can we manage a downsizing event so that we maintain our reputation as an employer of choice and attract new talent for other parts of the company?
    • What challenges do we anticipate facing from our various stakeholders during a downsizing; for instance, the community, stockholders, customers, managers, and employees?
    • What outcomes would we like to achieve from outplacement services; for instance, a high level of satisfaction with the service from the individuals we sponsor, quick landing times, and/or a high utilization of services?
    • What is our strategy for the notification and separation of employees and key executives who need to move on?


    Group-HR can comprehensively manage your transition events and increase your ability to retain your organization’s brand equity, your reputation as an employer of choice, and ultimately your best people.


    Career Transition and Outplacement Solutions for Employers include:


    Flexibility for your career transition and outplacement needs


    With Group-HR you have our promise, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, that your restructuring or downsizing will run smoothly and meet your objectives.  We offer a comprehensive range of offerings that are customizable to the levels of impacted employees as well as your cultural norms and budget.  Our offerings are structured using milestones and quantifiable benchmarks, but are adaptable to multiple career path tracks, generational preferences, learning styles, and unique personal career goals.  Our learning approaches include dedicated one-to-one consulting; workspace and office resources; onsite career centers; virtual and in-office seminars; facilitated Job Search Work Teams; and proprietary online research engines, job boards, resume posting sites, eLearning, and podcasts.  Learn more about our career transition and outplacement offerings.


    Learn about Career Coaching

    Learn about Resume Writing


    Executive Transition Service for Senior Executives


    Senior executives face unique challenges during a transition with much at stake for the individual and the organization.  Executive Transition Service for senior executives offers a solution that helps you protect your employer brand and create goodwill, while providing your senior executives with the unique support they need to identify and select the most suitable career options.  Each senior executive is connected to a peer-level coach, a team of business and SME advisors, and mentors to facilitate key networking introductions.  Rich logistical, technical and learning tools are used to support them in achieving career goals.


    Learn about Executive Coaching


    Pre-event and communication planning for a structuring or downsizing


    A poorly managed restructuring – large or small – can result in lost business opportunities, decreased productivity, poor morale and a damaged brand.  We help you with the pre-event planning that is essential for effective and successful transitions.  You will receive strategic advice and tactical guidance on communication strategy, project planning and milestones, and effective manager notification training to address needs of individuals across the organization directly and indirectly impacted by an event.   We use a holistic approach to career transitions to ensure success.


    Building resiliency and maintaining workforce productivity during change


    The uncertainty that comes with a restructuring or downsizing can derail an organization if remaining employees lack the skill to successfully navigate change.   We help you assess productivity challenges brought on by the transitioning of affected employees. We provide solutions to build confidence, engagement and agility, giving employees and managers the competencies needed to remain focused, flexible and productive.  Services can be delivered before and after a downsizing event.


    Redeployment services to retain talent during transition events


    Is retention one of your talent management priorities during a downsizing or restructuring?  By redeploying affected employees into new roles within the organization, you retain valuable institutional knowledge, build engagement and burnish your brand, while reducing severance, recruiting and training costs.  We provide a redeployment solution that will help you reduce the number of employees you need to let go during a transition event.  Our technology platform connects affected employees with internal opportunities, helping to place them into open positions within the company.


    For more information on Career Transition & Outplacement, contact Group-HR today


    Resume Writing


    Resume writing can be a difficult task.  You either fall short on stating your accomplishments or overrate your importance. Coming just exactly in between these circumstances to make it appear you are comfortable in “selling” yourself is the talent that has been well-mastered by our resume writers.


    Learn more about Resume Writing



  • International HR Management

    Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver Great HR support no matter where they are based

    The Barbelo Group – HR team members are experts when it comes to United States employment law, but that doesn’t mean that our services are limited to U.S. businesses.

    We support clients from all around the world in setting up their U.S. or global operations, ensuring a high standard of service and full compliance with their legal obligations.

    However, it’s not just compliance that we can guarantee. We provide a wide range of business HR and employment services that will help you to establish your overseas operations with ease:


    • Fixed Fee Recruitment: We can manage your recruitment process. From drafting the job description through to delivering job offers, we will source the best talent the location has to offer for your business.
    • Retained HR Services: We will assign you with a dedicated HR consultant, who will work with you to develop an understanding of your business and assist you with any employment law issues.


    Whether you are setting up in the U.S. for the first time and need a trusted consultancy to smooth the transition or if you have an existing U.S. operation that requires a hands-on approach to HR and compliance, we can help.


    Strategic International Human Resources Programs


    Managing the international human resource dynamic will always involve a certain element of ad hoc crisis management, resulting over time in creation (or inheriting through acquisition) of a company fabric of global human resource structures, policies, documentation and programs that may be fragmented, incomplete and inconsistent across countries.


    Our unique expertise and philosophy offers strategic human resources consulting, providing programs which address the spectrum of company culture, functions and impact. Our consultants deliver


    • Value driven, client centered philosophy and mission
    • Translate objectives into integrated functional area goals
    • Multidisciplinary, multi-functional programs approach
    • Total programs design, communication, implementation
    • Coordinated and integrated program change management
    • Client management programs co-creation and training
    • Process management for organizational acceptance
    • Ongoing client follow-up, support and partnership


    We offer our clients the opportunity to perform complete reviews, creation and reformulation of major strategic human resources programs, such as:



    • Structural analysis and realignment
    • Subsidiary evaluation and formation
    • Legal employment framework development
    • Employee benefits and compensation
    • Staff development and training


    Multinational Change Management


    • Integrated Execution of Company-wide Cultural and Structural Transitions
    • Process and Consensus Management
    • Acquisition and Divestiture Analysis – Design - Implementation
    • Executive Coaching and Teambuilding
    • Global Succession Planning
    • Intensive Process Seminars and Counseling
    • Expatriate Assignment Preparation


    Foreign Country Human Resources Law


    • International Human Resources Law
    • International Employment Laws
    • Global Employment Agreements
    • Intellectual Property
    • Non-Competition and Confidentiality
    • Global Employment Acts Compliance
    • Competitive Employee Relations Practices
    • Employee Discipline and Termination
    • Unjust Dismissal - Termination Settlement
    • Employee Benefits Law
    • Immigration Law



    • Organizational evaluation and redefinition
    • Strategic human resource action plans
    • Cultural reinvention roll-out
    • Total compensation redesign
    • Global HR policies and legal programs


    International Benefits & Compensation


    International employee benefits and compensation consulting in complete international employee plans, expatriate insurance plans, and multinational risk pooling, securing competitive, cost effective international employee benefits and compensation, which meet national legal and competitive employee benefits and compensation requirements. Our international consultants services include:


    • Strategic Benefit and Compensation Planning
    • Global Benefit and Compensation Strategies and Programs
    • Multinational Risk Pools and Pooling
    • Local Country and Expatriate Programs
    • Competitive Employee Benefit and Compensation Evaluation
    • Benefit and Compensation Plan Design, Analysis and Support
    • RFP Preparation and Market Vendor Identification
    • Benefit Proposal Analysis and Carrier Selection
    • Benefit Plan Transition and Implementation
    • Employee Benefits and Compensation Contract Document Analysis
    • International Business Travel Accident Insurance
    • International Benefit Contract Renewal Negotiation
    • Employee Communications Programs
    • Local Consultants per Country
    • International Labor laws
    • International Labor Contracts
    • International Staffing
    • Managing International Employees
    • Ex-Patriots

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  • Performance Management

    The fundamental goal of performance management is to promote and improve employee effectiveness.  It is a continuous process where managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's work objectives or goals and his or her overall contribution to the organization.


    Performance management is essentially the process of creating a work environment or structure in which your people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities.  It is about establishing a culture where employees and teams share responsibility for the continuous improvement of business processes and their own skills and behaviors.

    We help organizations design a strategic and integrated performance management system that produces the best from employees.  Performance Management is consists of:


    • Performance Management Evaluation/Assessment
    • Calibration
    • Coaching for Success
    • Managing Discipline
    • Performance Improvement
    • Systems Design & Development
    • Performance Management Seminars

    Our service includes:


    • Design and development of performance management systems
    • Development of performance management documentation
    • Training and development of front-line managers and supervisors
    • On-going coaching and feedback to people managers on the performance management of their teams


    Performance Evaluation/Appraisal


    The Barbelo Group’s performance management methodology effects positive change in your organizational culture, systems, and processes by establishing a shared understanding of what you want to achieve and how to get there.  Our approach to managing people increases the probability of achieving success by creating a high-performing organization.  We begin by helping you design strategic (SMART) goals that are cascaded throughout the organization from employee levels to upper management. These goals are linked to rating systems and the recognition process through the following strategies:


    • Use performance planning to establish clear expectations and set SMART goals for employees to channel their efforts toward achieving organizational objectives


    • Identify performance metrics for establishing successful results and/or outcomes


    • Design feedback strategies that address employee achievement of goals to increase the effectiveness of the organization


    • Consistently apply employees’ ratings based on strategically aligned performance objectives. These determine a summary record rating that accurately reflects employee contributions and areas that require increased managerial focus.


    • Implement employee recognition strategies that include informal and formal programs to reward employee excellence.




    Calibration systems assure appraisal accuracy, guarantee differentiation, and drive the truth into performance management. We can help you create a successful approach and train your managers and facilitators to use this this deceptively simple procedure skillfully.


    The procedure’s operation is straightforward: Managers compare their expectations and standards and planned appraisal ratings with each other before those ratings become official. When everyone has come to agreement on the appropriate performance appraisal ratings for all the individuals under review, only then do the managers prepare their final performance appraisals.


    Benefits and Concerns


    The advantages of incorporating a calibration procedure as part of an organization’s overall performance appraisal system are clear: Consistent standards of performance are applied to all individuals doing similar work. Rating errors are reduced. Managers take performance management much more seriously since they now have to justify their planned ratings to their peers. Legal defensibility goes up.


    But there are some real concerns with installing a formal calibration procedure, too. Some managers may resist having to defend their performance appraisal ratings to their peers. Employees may feel that their privacy is compromised. Managers may blame the procedure for forcing them to deliver lower-than-expected ratings to subordinates.


    We Can Help


    Our Group Org Excellence team is one of America’s most knowledgeable and experienced authorities on designing and using calibration sessions. He can give you all the information you need to decide whether this approach is right for your organization. He can help you get all the mechanics right, communicate the system’s operation to everyone who’s affected by it, and train your managers and calibration session facilitators.


    Coaching for Success


    Effective coaching is one of the most important drivers of team member performance. Whether leaders are guiding people toward success in new or challenging situations or helping people improve or enhance their work performance, their ability to coach and provide feedback makes the difference between mediocrity and high performance.


    We help managers understand the importance of three coaching techniques and how to effectively handle both proactive and reactive coaching discussions.  Our training helps managers have more effective and efficient interactions.


    Our program helps managers:


    • Encourage people to take ownership of, and be accountable for, their work performance.
    • Create a work environment where people are comfortable taking on the risks associated with new responsibilities.
    • Boost morale, improve productivity, and increase profitability by coaching for peak performance in each person.
    • Manage work performance issues in a fair, consistent manner.


    Performance Improvement


    Dealing with poor performance, marginal employees, disciplinary action, and discharge are the toughest parts of any manager’s job. Traditional discipline systems just don’t work anymore. And in today’s knowledge-worker economy, a more sophisticated and effective approach is necessary. We’ve got the answers.


    Our Performance Improvement Services include:


    • Executive Overview - an intensive one-day engagement – typically involves two components. First, a presentation to the executive team on best practices and new directions in performance management. Second, a sleeves-rolled-up working session focusing specifically on the organization’s highest-priority performance management issues.
    • System Design and Development - customize performance improvement systems to meet your specific objectives and provide the greatest value for your investment.
    • Managing the Marginal Performer Management Seminar
      • Making your performance management system work effectively
      • Turning poor performers into good performers
      • Spotting and developing your highest-potential employees.

    The Barbelo Group's Performance Management Strategic Framework

    The Barbelo Group helps organizations and managers effectively manage performance  by designing systems that will:


    • Be job specific, covering a broad range of jobs in the organization
    • Align with your organization’s strategic direction and culture
    • Be practical and easy to understand and use
    • Provide an accurate picture of each employee’s performance
    • Include a collaborative process for setting goals and reviewing performance based on two-way communication between the employee and manager
    • Monitor and measure results (what) and behaviors (how)
    • Include both positive feedback for a job well done and constructive feedback when improvement is needed
    • Provide training and development opportunities for improving performance
    • Ensure that employee work plans support the strategic direction of the organization
    • Establish clear communication between managers and employees about what they are expected to accomplish
    • Provide constructive and continuous feedback on performance
    • Identify and recognize employee accomplishments
    • Identify areas of poor performance and establish plans for improving performance
    • Support staff in achieving their work and career goals by identifying training needs and development opportunities
    • Support administrative decision-making about promotions, terminations, compensation and rewards
    • Provide legal documentation to demonstrate due diligence for legal challenges related to dismissal or vicarious liability (an employer can be held liable for the acts or omissions by its employees during the course of employment)

    Managing Discipline


    Managing discipline - in other words, unacceptable behavior and poor performance - is not something managers look forward to address without the necessary tools and training in place.


    Conduct issues include insubordination, negligence, using illegal practices, falsifying records, theft, bullying, dangerous behavior, fighting or hostile behavior, poor attendance record and/or poor time-keeping.


    Performance issues include failing to meet work targets, inadequate quantity of work, missing work deadlines, inaccurate work, wasting work materials, poor customer service, failure or refusal to follow instructions and/or an unwillingness to take responsibility.


    A single employee with chronic performance or behavior problems can dominate a leader's time and drag down the productivity and morale of an entire work group.  The Barbelo Group prepares employers by helping establish a workable process and building leaders’ skills in handling chronic performance problems.


    Our process goes beyond benchmarks and numbers to build an effective performance improvement.  Our training and process design:


    • Builds leaders’ skills in handling chronic performance problems
    • Leaders learn how to document and present a solid case for needed improvement and use effective interaction skills
    • Leaders learn to identify the steps to take after the performance problem discussion to provide ongoing feedback and support, and determine if it is necessary to impose formal consequences
    • Comply with the law
    • Understand the basics for handling discipline
    • Teaches how to manage a problem over conduct or under-performance from investigating it through to, if necessary, dismissal
    • Effectively address poor performance in a firm, fair, and consistent manner.
    • Minimize the impact of chronic performance problems on people, productivity, and profitability.
    • Provide problem performers with a clear understanding of what they must do to improve and the consequences of failing to do so.
    • Encourage people to take ownership of, and be accountable for, improving their work performance.

    Systems Design & Development


    We believe there is no magic bullet when it comes to employee performance improvement.  Each organization is unique and we can help your organization create a performance improvement system that aligns with your culture, strategy and current state to ensure results.


    Our system reviews corrective action policies with a tough-minded insistence that people take personal responsibility for their behavior and performance.  We work with our clients to develop and design systems that solve the problems of absenteeism, bad attitudes, poor performance and misconduct.  The result is a system that significantly reduces disciplinary incidents, terminations and exposure to unemployment claims and wrongful discharge lawsuits.


    System development typically includes our working with a project manager and an implementation team to accomplish the following:


    • Create a comprehensive policy and procedure matrix that provides appropriate administrative guidelines for each step of the process
    • Develop a policy statement covering all procedural elements
    • Develop administrative materials including record keeping forms, disciplinary documentation forms, procedural flowcharts, etc.
    • Design and implement the customize system
    • Create a communications strategy that assures organization-wide understanding, support, and acceptance of the new system
    • Design training materials and conduct training programs for managers, employees, and internal trainers
    • Develop a formal measurement plan to evaluate and assess the activities and effectiveness of the new performance improvement system


    All of our work is customized to meet your specific objectives and provide the greatest value for your investment.


    Performance Management Seminars


     We conduct several different Performance Management seminars for management.  Each of these seminars concentrates on a different aspect of performance management.


    Making Performance Appraisal Work

    This seminar gives your managers the tools and skills they need to answer the two questions every employee wants the answer to: (1) What do you expect of me? (2) How am I doing at meeting your expectations? Your supervisors and managers will learn how to set goals, assess performance, and conduct effective performance reviews.


    Managing the Marginal Performer

    This seminar concentrates on helping your managers confront and correct poor performers.  It gives them the tools, the skills, and the courage they need to prepare for a discussion about the need for performance improvement, conduct that discussion confidently, and follow-up afterwards it make sure that the needed change has occurred.



    This seminar gives your managers the skills (and the courage) they need to use your organization’s calibration process effectively.  They will learn how to accurately evaluate performance, use relative assessment, and always wear the company hat.


    Developing Exceptional Performance

    This management seminar focuses on identifying and developing your company‘s highest potential individuals.  Participants learn how to identify high potential employees, create development plans that work, and retain top talent. It gives your managers the tools they need to help people move from GOOD to GREAT.


    Executive Overview

    This seminar is an intensive one-day engagement – typically involves two components.  First, a presentation to the executive team on best practices and new directions in performance management.  Second, a sleeves-rolled-up working session focusing specifically on the organization’s highest-priority performance management issues.


    Focus Areas are:


    • Performance Management
    • Performance Improvement
    • Calibration
    • Talent Management



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