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Resume writing can be a difficult task.  You either fall short on stating your accomplishments or overrate your importance. Coming just exactly in between these circumstances to make it appear you are comfortable in “selling” yourself is the talent that has been well-mastered by our resume writers.


The Barbelo Group-HR offers a professional, effective resume writing service at reasonably affordable prices.  Focused on producing a competitive resume, our team of resume writers are also HR and Recruiting Professionals who work directly with Hiring Managers.  We research relevant keywords; provide dynamic formatting; and write with the ultimate goal of letting you score an interview.  We help you take control of your future with a clear, concise, and compelling resume. We believe we have the tools to help you succeed now.



Our Resume Writing Packages include:


  • Basic Resume Package                                              - $159
  • Deluxe Resume Package                                           - $195
  • Premium Resume Package                                     - $305
  • Ultimate Resume Package                                       - $485
  • Federal Resume                                                                 - $195




Committed to serving you the  best, our other services that will further help you achieve all your career goals.  These are the tools that will significantly strengthen and enhance your job search:


Fast Service Delivery - $50

Need a resume in 72 hours?  We can deliver your resume fast, without compromising its quality. Our resume writers are trained to produce outstanding results within a short period of time.


Express Resume - $100

We will have your resume ready within two business days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).  Our senior resume writers work on express resume projects, always maintaining the quality and the creative look and feel of your resume.  This is fast and accurate service at its best since our regular turnaround time is seven (7) business days.


Lifetime File Storage - $19

Avoid the fear of losing your resume files.  Protect them from being corrupted or damaged. We can secure the lifetime storage of your files in our state of the art secured server.


Statement of Purpose for College Admission - $135

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is essential to your application to a higher education institution.  It is one of the factors being looked for by admissions committee in determining whether you deserve to become part of their institution or not.  We can help you prepare an effective SOP, reflective of your mindset and attitude about your pursuit of higher education.  Our writers will present your SOP in a professionally smart approach, making you deserving of a slot in a college or university.


Exceptional Follow-up Letter to Your Application - $49

Sending a follow-up letter after an interview is a standard procedure.  A follow-up letter is an effective way to gain more attention from the interviewer, while allowing you to display a more professional approach in your job search.  Such move will consequently increase your chance of receiving a second interview or the job offer itself.


Electronic Resumes - $19

Make the Internet work to your advantage.  Because electronic resume is designed for online posting to job sites, your chance of getting hired is higher because its versatility has become an essential tool for employers as well.  Moreover, e-resume can avoid spam blockers because it is formatted in such a way that it will be sent in the body of e-mail.


The Job that Fits You Based on Your Background - $195

We can provide you with a second resume with FREE Cover Letter.  Our Professional HR & Recruiter Writers will study your background, goals, and accomplishments.  Then, we will recommend all the options available to someone with your background.  This will be the basis in customizing your second resume, which perfectly matches any job that fits you.  This will also work if you have two different jobs or two different companies you like to apply to.  You can tell us each job description and we can then match your resume to perfectly fit both jobs.


Extra Cover Letter - $30

In most of the time, a resume will only be reviewed by a hiring manager after reading your cover letter.  This letter is this important that it can actually reflect your work attitude.  If your cover letter is poorly written, it may indicate that you are not that careful in performing certain task.  A well-written cover letter, meanwhile, can reflect your general communication skills.  We know how a strong cover letter should be written.  We will prepare your cover letter with the goal of leading your reader to review your resume and/or invite you for an interview.


Easy-to-Install Font Types Used in Your Resume - $49

In some cases when you open your resume in your computer, font types do not appear exactly the way they were formatted by the resume writer.  This is when you need to install the said font types in your computer.  But how?  Buying fonts online is time consuming and may not result to the exact font you need.  To prevent this problem, we can send in your e-mail the font types that were used in your resume with easy-to-follow installation instructions.


Professionally Written Biography - $135

Your biography can boost your chance of getting employed.  It can help your interviewer further understand the kind of person you are, so he/she can easily determine what you can contribute to their company.  Allow us to help you have an effectively interesting biography.


Resume Posting to Job Banks and Job Search Engines (Basic and Deluxe packages only) - $100

Doing a job board posting of your resume is one of the most effective ways to increase your chance of success.  Instead of you looking for employers, why not let them find you? It is more practical and effective. We can help.


Our resume posting service offers you:


  • Electronic Resume Posting on 50 job search web sites
  • Maximum Exposure to over 1.5 million employers and recruiters
  • Job Search Report on all job banks where your resume was posted
  • Job Matches Sent through your E-mail on new job opportunities and job listings
  • Identity Protection in which posting of your resume information is treated with strictest confidentiality.


Note: For those who purchased the Ultimate resume package, only a maximum of two (2) from your four (4) resume versions will be posted on job search web sites.  If you chose two resumes for posting, they will be evenly distributed to 25 job search sites each.  But if you will select only one (1) resume, it will be posted to the 50 job search sites.


Annotated Portfolio Writing - $345

When you are competing against several equally-qualified candidates for a single position, you know you need to stand out.  An annotated executive portfolio gives you that edge by going beyond an achievement-focused resume and cover letter to include charts, tables, and graphics that will showcase your expertise.


  • Present us with background information so we can work on preparing a polished, compelling executive portfolio that includes your resume and other documents that will indicate why you are the perfect person to fill the vacancy.
  • Work with your writer by phone and/or e-mail to ensure that every aspect of your annotated portfolio is effectively presented
  • Receive a complete, visually interesting annotated portfolio


Opening Statement in Job Interview - $89

Interviewers smell confidence.  Don’t come unprepared.  Having memorized responses will demonstrate how interested and focused you are in winning the job.  We can provide you a “script” that could guide you during the interview, detailing your background, career accomplishments, and distinct qualities behind the professional in you.


LinkedIn Profile - $60 for existing clients; $80 for new clients

Are you looking for a career opportunity, aiming to build your professional reputation, or simply wants to connect to more than 120 million members of the largest professional network?  Our pool of professional writers could help you in creating your LinkedIn profiles with a professional context that details your career goals and qualifications.  The LinkedIn profiles we created were found to be effective in showcasing our clients’ skills and talents for them to rise to the top of search results, connecting them to boundless job opportunities, sales leads, and ideal business partners.  Your Linked profile would certainly serve as an interactive business card designed to attract attention of important people who would be part of your career.


Image Building with Custom Logo Design - $100

Image building helps.  Our team of graphic artists will design your very own logo that you can put on your resume, references, business card, cover letter, thank you letter, and follow up letter.  Using a custom logo design will greatly indicate your level of professionalism and interest in becoming hired.


Comprehensive Salary Report - $49

So, how much are you worth?  Allow us to provide you with a comprehensive report on how much your peers are earning and how much you should be earning.  Learn if you are getting your fair share or not.  In addition, discover the salaries people in that same position are getting in other states.


Additional One (1) Resume - $60.00

If you are looking for one (1) additional resume, then this add-on will fit your need.  Arrange with our sales staff and/or writer on how you exactly want your additional resume to be written.


KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) – $80 / statement

Applying for a federal position is an entirely complex process.  It requires applicants to provide detailed work and educational backgrounds, along with special skills and qualifications.  Aside from résumé, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) statements are necessary to identify the most qualified candidate for the position.  KSA statement is often times referred to as evaluation factors; rating factors; quality ranking factors; knowledge, abilities, skills and other characteristics; or job elements.


Our experienced federal résumé writers can write professionally written KSA statement for a specific job posting closely complying with the guidelines set for a vacancy.  We can assure you that your KSA statement will represent your knowledge, skills, and abilities the best possible way to obtain a maximum KSA ranking and ensure a competitive advantage among other aspirants for the position.


Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) – $400

Considering a Federal Senior Executive Service (SES) position?  Well, you need to present compelling Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) that will ultimately define your competencies necessary in building a federal corporate culture with strong focus on your ability to lead, make things happen, and drive favorable results.  SES applications are likely to be rejected due to a candidate’s inability to meet the executive qualifications requirements.  Group-HR & Recruiter Professional Writers, could guarantee that your special and distinct qualities are properly and professionally presented with the appropriate keywords to significantly illustrate your leadership and visionary skills.


Online Résumé – $149

Get noticed among streams of applicants and piles of applications!   Our professionally designed online résumé web site will definitely get you right at the doorstep of boundless job opportunities and increase your chances of landing on a rewarding career.  Online résumé is an effective, strategic approach to present that you, as an applicant, know how to get a job done, leaving a positive first impression to potential employers.  The package includes one (1) year web hosting, one (1) year free update, and three (3) e-mail accounts.


Responsive Resume Web Site – $249

Enable your online resume website to function on different devices such as mobile and tablet.  Multi-device resume enhances self-marketability and access through different devices.


Essay (Job Application Response / Internship or Graduate School Admission Application Response)– $60/page

Having difficulty answering specific questions in your job application or internship / graduate school admission?  Worry no more!  Let us help boost your self-confidence and present your application in the most convincing way possible.  Just provide us with the application form, complete responses to a set of questions, along with other information necessary to create tailored responses.  With your essay written based on the required length (minimum / maximum words), we guarantee two thumbs up application / admission approval.



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