What is Lean Six Sigma?









Errors and non-value added tasks at work and in Human Resources Management cause organizations


Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes.  Six Sigma at many organizations simply means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection.


Lean is a tool used by businesses to streamline manufacturing and production processes. The main emphasis of Lean is on cutting out unnecessary and wasteful steps in the creation of a product so that only steps that directly add value to the product are taken.


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What does "Barbelo" mean?








Through a kind of self-mirroring or self-contemplation, this supreme First Principle produces the first "created" entity.  The first emanation of the Absolute, and the source of all subsequent manifestation, is a female principle, variously referred to as Thought, Providence, Fore-thought or Foreknowledge (in Greek, all these words have female gender), and "Barbelo".


Gnostic cosmology casts the female creator principle in a dual role.  In fact, there are two Divine Mothers.  The higher one, Barbelo, is the creative Thought of the ineffable Parent, who may also descend for the purpose of salvation of those below.  The lower one, Sophia, is the accidental creator of the ignorant demiurge who made the cosmos, but also works to free the divine spirit captured by the demiurge in human form.


In the Apocryphon of John, Barbelo is described as "The first power, the glory, Barbelo, the perfect glory in the aions, the glory of the revelation."



about us

The Barbelo Group specializes on the People side of the business.  We are your one stop Human Resources Outsourcing, Staffing and Consulting organization. We are the only outsource and consulting HR organization in the industry to apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies to Human Resources Management.  The combination of Lean Six Sigma and Human Resources give employers:


More time to run their business,

Less HR cost to reinvest back to their organization and

Less deficiencies to avoid legal and employee issues.


We have over 20 years’ experience in human resources, organization development, technology integration / implementation, training & development and Lean Six Sigma.  Headquartered in Seattle and locations in London (Europe) and Singapore (Asia), our strategy is a good “fit” with the world-class coaching and facilitation practice with our global alliance partners.  The Barbelo Group has access to a significant body of intellectual property and deep expertise held by The Barbelo Group and our members.


Mission Statement:

The company’s mission is to enable every person we encounter to exceed their potential by providing them the tools they need and fulfill all their people and organizational needs.  As a one-stop HR & Six Sigma provider, we partner with our clients and individuals in delivering high quality services that positively impacts their bottom line and people’s morale.


Who We Are?

The Barbelo Group is built on the power of diversity and collaboration of great minds no matter where they are located.  Founded in 2009 by combining specialized consulting firms with over 25 years industry expertise around the world and academic industry leaders to provide exceptional services in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Lean Six Sigma and People Business Strategy.  The Barbelo Group’s global partnership and network has access to a significant body of intellectual property and deep expertise that ensures organizational success.  We have uniquely agile consulting model that creates strong, responsive partnerships with clients and produces powerful business solutions all over the world.  To help our clients improve individual and organizational performance, we believe we should be able to pull resources outside our office walls.  We even knocked down traditional office walls and leveraged technology to further add value to our clients.  Our access to the best talent and/or team for each specific client needs combined with our targeted solutions and measurable results are just a few reasons why the Barbelo Group continued to be the go to place for smart organizations.


What makes us unique?


The Barbelo Group understands the uniqueness of each organizations we work with and use our collective resources to customize solutions for your organization's success.  We have consultants worldwide with specialized skills ready to help our clients anytime.


We have two divisions to focus on your specific needs.

Global Presence to Support Your Growth




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HR Outsourcing - Operational Solutions

Consulting - Strategic Solutions

Group HR is the HR Outsourcing Tactical Solutions arm of the Barbelo Group.


Our Human Resources Consultants have experience and deep understanding of the importance your people play towards your success.

Whether you need to build your HR organization from the ground up, want to find out your risks or need specialized help your current organization cannot perform, you name it, we've done it.


Our consultants have general and specialized experience in different industries and have produced significant value to all the organizations we serve.


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Group Organizational Excellence is the Consulting Strategic Solutions arm of the Barbelo Group.

Our Consultants have years of experience in Organizational Development, Lean Six Sigma, Training & Development, Change Management and Business Intelligence focusing on people.  Whether you need to improve employee engagement, implement Lean Six Sigma, improve performance or build organization capabilities through training or development, you name it we've done it.


Our consultants have general and specialized experience in different industries and have produced significant value to all the organizations we serve.


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Barbelo group for small to mid-sized organizations


The ability to measure and improve quality in Human Resources has been the competitive advantage of successful organizations for decades.  However, the development of a highly effective and productive HR organization is both time consuming and expensive.


The Barbelo Group focuses on positively impacting an organization’s bottom line by bringing a comprehensive set of HR and Lean Six Sigma services that are typically expensive in-house.  Organizations will get the benefits of having a highly capable HR organization consisting of high caliber staff through the Barbelo Group.  Employers can finally plan and forecast their annual HR cost by developing a customized HR outsourcing or consulting package focused on their organization’s goals and needs.


Reasons Organizations Outsource HR:

  • More time to run their business,
  • Less HR cost to reinvest back to their organization
  • Less mistakes to avoid legal and employee issues (risk mitigation)
  • Access to HR Specialist (i.e. compensation, training, compliance)
  • Access to tools and technology
  • Professional service and branding to ensure business continuity
  • Peace of mind



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Barbelo group for large organizations


Globalization and technology has forced organizations to face new challenges that they might not be equipped to solve immediately.  In addition, the rapid speed of doing business does not leave organizations room for error.  The Barbelo Group has Consultants with different expertise and experiences who works with many different companies and have worked through new problems in the past with other clients, we can provide a perspective based on what we’ve seen work (or not) in the past.  Given this experience, we can bring new and innovative ideas or information on possible challenges to the table that organizations probably would not have been able to see on their own.


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