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The Barbelo Group takes care of all your business needs when it comes to your people and HR management.  We offer organizations a one-stop resource for all your people needs.  The Human Resources function is a very complex field with direct and indirect business impact.  We specialize in managing the People side of your business to enable organizations to reach their goals and maximize their resources effectively.  Managing your Human Resources and addressing all your People needs while running your business is time consuming and risky if done incorrectly.


Allow us to use our proven expertise and experience to help you in your business through our effective, practical consultancy and management of human resources.  As a client, you have access to HR Specialist, Managers and Executives to ensure you get the right help and support y to ensure your success.  Whether you need HR Outsourced Services through our Group HR or HR Consulting Services through our Group Org Excellence, you have the power to control and customize our services to meet your specific needs.  As a client, you can select the level of support from the following:


HR Operations Administration & Maintenance

On Demand

Emergency Help

• Off The Shelf


Dedicated HR Team

• Retainer / Pre-pay

• Outsource HR Department

• HR Startup


Specialized Administration & Maintenance

• Enhanced Internal HR

• Staffing Services

• Employee Record Maintenance


Specialized Strategic Services

Consulting Level of Engagement

• Project Base

• Strategic HR Consulting

• Lean Six Sigma Implementation

• Organizational Development Event Planning

• Executive & Personal Life Coaching



HR Operations Administration & Maintenance



Immediate support & access, easy to use turn-key solution, no customization needed


Emergency Help

Part time or hourly help for companies needing HR support immediately.  Clients may need an interim HR support while finding a new HR employee, vacation coverage or investigation need for employee issues.


Immediate, short-term or sporadic General HR Support


Regular service hourly rate

Off The Shelf

Organizations who only need the basic HR services and do not need to customize find our "Off-the-Shelf" option ideal for their needs.  Using best practices and experience, we developed and designed basic HR services to help employers implement and practice HR quickly and easily.  Select from the list of trademarked or copyrighted services


No need to customize, best practice, select services, one-time purchase or on-going


The list states the rates for each services

Dedicated HR Team

Have your own dedicated HR team whenever you need them without paying a monthly salary. Your dedicated HR team includes a HR Manager or VP, a recruiter and Account Executive, plus, access to our specialized HR team.

Retainer / Pre-Pay

Companies can purchase HR time per month or annually to have access to all our Specialists, Tools, Forms and our Employment legal experts.   Similar to Law or Accounting Firms, employers can retain our services for future use in a lower rate.


On-call, immediate access to all services anytime

Pre-pay services at a lower hourly rate

Credit does not expire and roll over

Can purchase additional credit hours anytime

Outsourced HR Department

Employers can outsource their entire HR Department to the Barbelo Group-HR team to guarantee consistent high quality services and most cost effective.  Employers and their employees will have access to ALL our resources, tools, forms and expertise as part of our long-term agreement.


On-going, designated HR Team (HR Manager, Coordinator and Recruiter)


Flat monthly rate, at least one year contract

Employers can outsource their entire HR Department to the Barbelo Group-HR team to guarantee consistent high quality services and most cost effective.  Employers and their employees will have access to ALL our resources, tools, forms and expertise as part of our long-term agreement.


On-going, designated HR Team (HR Manager, Coordinator and Recruiter)


Flat monthly rate, at least one year contract

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Specialized Administration & Maintenance

Specific area to address, correct or improve, customizable, ongoing or stable

Enhanced Internal HR

An option for employers who currently have an internal HR support and need help with some parts of HR that they currently do not have the right specialized talent, resources or budget to manage effectively internally. EEO, AAP, Workers Comp, Unemployment, Benefits, Compensation, Employee files management including entering and storing employee information in our own secured HR system.


Specialized HR support, on-going or defined schedule


Billed monthly (per hour or flat rate) or all inclusive bundled rate

Staffing Services

From full-time employees to on-demand temporary support, employers receive highly skilled people and cost effective solutions.  The right people when you need them is our goal.


Contingency or exclusive recruiting for open positions.


Temporary - markup hourly rate, direct hire- percent of annual salary or wage

Employee Record Maintenance

Space and security are growing issues in today’s companies.  We have our own internal web based HR Information System that employers can access via web.  We enter all employee information in the system and retain files per retention requirements.  HRIS through our servers.  Information can be securely access anytime through the web per employer assigned security clearance.


 Employer benefits by saving on time to enter information and cost to purchase and implement a HR Information System internally

Stand alone or additional option to dedicated HR team.  Long-term ongoing service.


Contracted setup cost and monthly fees.

Specialized Strategic Services

Consulting Levels of Engagement

Solve a problem or issue, large-scale transformation, interventions,  improve performance & organizational effectiveness, customizable

Project Based

Employers needing the expertise of HR Specialist to solve issues, perform required or compliance report or audit not typically part of an HR schedule.  Examples are AAP, Compensation and Benefits market reviews, employee satisfaction survey or investigation.

Specialized need to solve a problem or improve organizational effectiveness.  Unique situations, need customization, set start and end dates to complete goals and services


Contracted hourly rate or bundled project cost

Strategic HR Consulting

We help clients craft strategies to not only reposition their organizations for the future but also sharpen their ability to execute on their goals.  We use Six Sigma Lean applications and we collaborate with our clients to deliver practical multi-disciplinary approaches to create environments in which your people can work most effectively.


Focused on organizational alignment and future improvements.


Contracted hourly rate or bundled project cost

Lean Six Sigma Implementation

We help organizations implement and utilize Lean and Six Sigma methodologies by training, certifying, and supporting employees through the different stages of their implementation.  Whether you are looking at making an organizational change, training individual employees or moving to the next stage of your implementation plan, our Group-Org Excellence team can help you succeed.


Standard off the shelf or customized services specific to client's level of understanding and implementation state.  Set start and implementation dates.


Contracted hourly rate or bundled project cost

Organizational Development Event Planning

Off site activities focus on producing targeted objectives such as strategy building, skills training, workshops, team building, leadership development, motivation, inspiring and informative keynote speakers.  We use behavior science to ensure events are productive, activities are fun and facilitators are the best fit and experts in their field.


Single activity, training, workshop, keynote speakers or full event planning


Contracted hourly rate or bundled project cost

Executive & Personal Life Coaching

Certified executive and personal life coaches.  We understand that each client is unique and we use various coaching techniques specific to the individual’s needs to succeed.  Whether we are developing the capabilities of high-potential performers or helping a new hire breakthrough barriers, our coaching services is designed to empower and support you with the focus, learning, tools, feedback, strategies and accountability you want to achieve the results you want.

Various level of coaching from student to executive.  Services obtained by company for employees as part of there benefits or development or individual directly seek coaching to achieve personal and career goals, to understand themselves and to gain tools and knowledge to improve.


Contracted hourly rate or bundled project cost

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